Breathing is simply the inhalation and exhalation of air.

Normally, when we inhale we feel that our stomach contracts and when we exhale, we feel that our stomach expands. Logically, our stomach is supposed to expand when we inhale and contract when we exhale. To illustrate, consider a car tyre or a balloon. When you put air into the tyre we see that it expands, and when it's flat (no air), it contracts. The balloon gets bigger as you put air into it, and as soon as air is released, the balloon becomes smaller. Isn't this interesting? 

Breathing is very important because it helps improve your vocal sustainability. An abundant supply of air with regulated outflow will help you sing sustained notes with ease.

Good singing is the result of good breathing.

Here are some of the topics we shall cover in this lesson:

  • The proper and right way to breathe when singing.

  • The proper and right way to breathe before singing.

  • The different kinds of breathing exercises and how to choose the one that suits you best.

  • The different body parts used for air storage.

  • The best times to do breathing exercises.

  • Holding and releasing of air when singing.


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