All Online Lessons are conducted in real-time via Zoom 

Due to the current Pandemic caused by COVID-19, all studio lessons are now conducted online. All of my online lessons are conducted in real time via Zoom. So, it's like I'm there with you and you're here with me. I can still teach you how to play your musical instrument, teach you how to sing professionally, or teach you how to become a singer-songwriter, etc.


Below are the music lessons I offer online:

Online Piano Lesson

Some people say "the piano is the easiest musical instrument to get started with but the most difficult to master." I believe anyone can learn how to play the piano to his/her own competency level. They just have to be really serious, determined and committed to practice regularly and consistently.


In this online piano lesson, you can learn how to play the piano using my two proven methods: Oido (by hearing), or Note Reading. You can even learn by combining both methods.


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Online Guitar Lesson

The most challenging part of playing the guitar when you're getting started is the lack of thicker skin on your finger tips. That's why I suggest you use a guitar with nylon strings to begin your lessons. Once you've mastered a few chord progressions using different hand positions, you can now decide which type of guitar as well as playing method you want to pursue.

My Online Guitar Lesson is tailor-made to your own specific needs and comes with email and video supports.


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Online Vocal Music Course 

This vocal music course will show you the Fundamentals and the basic principles of vocal music. It will guide you into the Advanced Level where you can learn and practice my tested and proven techniques and exercises to improve your vocal range and enhance your vocal quality.


Most importantly, this course will show you how to move up to the Professional Level where you will learn the secrets of how professional singers really do it.

Included in Online Vocal Music Course are email support where you can ask me any questions regarding our lesson, and video support where you can submit your video recording for assessment purposes.

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Music lessons are now conducted back online via ZOOM.

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