“Ben has been a great help and a has a good way of teaching.”


Evangelyn Ananth, Singing Student, Piano Student, Guitar Student, Songwriting Student

“I’ve learnt a lot on how to sing properly and the production of singing, not only just about singing but a few skills that will help me later in life.”


-Mervin Angelo, Singing Student

“The lessons are a lot of fun and have played a huge role in the development of my music skills, both related to and separate from the piano. I would recommend these lessons to anyone who would like to give music a try or prepare for exams at AMEB.”


Rhea Tara, Piano Student

“I am enjoying my piano lessons very much. I started with very little skill and now I am looking forward to play Beethoven’s classical pieces. Thanks to my excellent teacher. I love coming to his studio every Wednesday.”


Austin Lobriza, Piano Student, Guitar Student

“I have learnt a lot of keys and music notes. It is also tricky and easy at the same time. I enjoy playing the piano.”


Monique Greig, Piano Student

“I’m enjoying what I’m learning. It gives me enjoyment and it builds my confidence.”


Alex Manlagnit, Piano Student

“I like my lessons because of the different ways that Ben has taught me on how to learn and play better. I like his new ideas to make playing the piano less difficult.”


Nathaniel Stephens, Piano Student

“The lessons have been quite enjoyable and very informative. I have definitely improved more by learning with Uncle Ben.”


Aaron Lim, Piano Student

“I feel I have learnt a lot and I am really interested in piano lessons now. I feel more confident when I play in front of the crowd.”


Mikayla Greig, Piano Student

“I am enjoying the different methods of learning and how interesting and challenging they can be. It is also fun and interacting as well.”


Caleb Stephens, Piano Student

"I have found Ben a very patient and encouraging singing teacher. Im still on my journey in life and still continue to learn things along the way but the lessons that Ben has instilled in me will remain to be passed on to our future generations. I would not hesitate to recommend any future singing or music student to Ben. He is truly a man used by God to impart his gifts and talents to many students. Thank you Ben for sharing your love and friendship."


 Prince Searancke, Singing Student

"Well, one thing I will never forget about singing is to INTERNALIZE the song. You've got to have the "feel" of it...That's what Mr. Ben Noynay taught me. The dynamics are as important as internalization... like how you perform or project on stage by being relaxed not tensed & the inhale-exhale exercise. He would really know if I was doing the exercise or not. Every morning before I get out of bed, I have to inhale till the last breath & exhale it slowly to the hilt. Most of all, CONFIDENCE in myself... way back then, I never thought I could sing a very high note with the help of that "inhale-exhale" exercise & the confidence of what I can offer....singing :)"


Laura Bacus, Singing Student 

"I was lucky to have had the privilege of being a student of coach Ben Noynay back in 1989 at the Salonga Music Studio Cebu. Though it was only for about half a year, I learned a lot, techniques and all, from him especially the important principles that provided strength, encouragement and affirmation to my musical inclinations. Those valuable lessons helped me a lot as I put my God-given gifts to good use, being part of a church choir and when I sing in some social gatherings. I also became a singer entertainer for about 10 years at a 5-star beach resort. My never-ending thanks and gratitude to coach Ben, then, for that wonderful time I enjoyed learning with him, may more benefits as he pass on his great talents through (and including) coaching."


Galen Lumapas, Singing Student

"...I couldn't think of any better singing coach/teacher."

- Jarryd Verdan, Voice Student

"First, I gained confidence in singing in front of people, 'cause that was my greatest fear. I improved in doing my own style in singing after I learned some vocal techniques. Quality of my voice is improved... now I'm even more interested in knowing the world of music."

- Myrna Ubaldo, Singing Student

"So far, so good. I have learned so many things. Also through this lesson it made me re-evaluate myself again. By the encouragement and motivation that Ben Noynay gave, I know for sure that I will make it far beyond what people think. Truly I thank Ben Noynay and most expecially God for all of this."


- Ma. Lourdes Isiderio, Singing Student

"Very effective teaching methods. He helps bring out the best in you."

- Nena Marie Cross, Singing student

"EXCELLENT, FANTASTIC. I've discovered how to really sing with Ben. Ben is an awesome tutor and a wonderful friend. He has helped me with my confidence which I have utilized in my public speaking. Through these lessons I am now equipped to stand before people not only to sing better but to speak better, too. My singing has improved tenfold. Thanks, Ben."



- Rangi Katu, Singing Student

"It is very good. Awesome! Intelligent! Challenging! Perfect!"


- Peta Josephine Tata, Singing Student

"Very good actually. I feel like paying more for what is being taught."


- Emmanuel Alcazar, Guitar Student

"Doing the lessons is fun and good because you will learn a lot for one hour every week."


- Matthew CerioGuitar Student

"The lessons that I have with Ben are really good because he's teaching me things I never knew before and I'm really leaning new things every week."


 - Junior RataGuitar Student

"So far, good. I learned how to read music notes. Helps me a lot how to play the guitar correctly. It's so awesome to discover that I can also play the guitar. I really appreciate the effort and perseverance of Bro Ben to teach and his words of encouragement to teach and to succeed."


- Rogelio R. Ubaldo Jr., Guitar Student

"My lessons have been very well and I have enjoyed learning from Ben how to play the piano."

- Johnny Tatira, Piano Student

"I'm really enjoying it. A bit difficult at times but to do something well is to enjoy it and that is exactly what I'm doing....enjoying it."


- Eloise Obeda-Porter, Piano Student

"Very inspirational. Ben has been able to highlight my strengths and weaknesses and improve my vocal range  and pitch. Ben has also helped me remove limitations I have created for myself, which has allowed improvement in my quality and confidence to sing and sing well before God."

- Angela Makiru, Singing Student

"I love having lessons with Bro. Ben.... he is very calm and explains the lessons very well. I think that he is one of the best teachers I ever had."


- Neil Isiderio, Singing Student

"My lessons so far are fun and it benefits me. The lessons that Ben is teaching help me understand music better by teaching me the chords and notes when reading music."

- Jeff Frescura, Keyboard Student

“Singing lessons are really fun. Ben is a nice teacher and has a lot of patience. He gives good challenges and makes sure you can be the best you can be. Anyone who wants to learn how to sing should learn from Ben. I also enjoy my piano lessons because it’s fun and can be a challenge at the same time. Ben is an awesome piano teacher.” 


- Alisha Ruaporo, Singing, Guitar & Piano student

“Ben is a great teacher. He makes you learn everything step by step.” 

- Letasione Ruaporo, Guitar Student

“I like to learn a lot because I want to get better and better at it when I perform in front of people. Ben is the best.”

- Grace Ruaporo, Piano student

“My lessons so far are good and getting better.” 

- Jaybaz Ruaporo, Singing Student


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